CV // about self


Web development

Full-stack development of scalable web applications. Back-end development with modern MVC frameworks. PHP development, with emphasis on Symfony2 and Symfony-components-based development. Experience with development and refactoring of Codeigniter applications. Experience with Python applications, including the and CherryPy frameworks. Strong interest in functional programming, with Clojure and others.

Front-end development of modern interfaces, both through progressive enhancement (from plain JS and jQuery/underscore to complex FRP systems based on BaconJS and Rx) and MVC. Functional programming in the client-side with compile-to-JS ClojureScript. Of course, extensive familiarity with all the details of HTML and CSS. Familiar with CSS preprocessors (LESS and SASS).

Mobile development

Experience in mobile development on HTML5. Work on Windows 8 & Windows Phone applications and managed C# on embedded platforms.

General coding and Scripting

General purpose system administration and automation scripting skills, including Bash and Python for CLI tooling. *NIX/GNU tooling experience. Development of desktop applications with C#/mono and general familiarity with the QT library.

Long term VI(m) user, now experimenting with Emacs for coding lisps.

Work History


Professional involvements

Universal Units Corporate Tax Suite

Development and design, from the prototype to subsequent public releases, of an extense business-oriented application with modules dealing with several tax-handling needs of large multinational corporations. Stable and clean development based on Symfony2, with state-of-the-art methodologies.

Development and integration of a range of public and bespoke utilities (e.g. VAT Check) in public-facing sites

Symfony Call Center platform

Maintenance and extension of a mission-critical call center management application on PHP5/Symfony2, including Asterisk integration and full logging and persistence on MongoDB and MySQL.

Codeigniter2 CRM System

Development and administration of large-scale internal and external use client and sales database application, including secured public APIs and medium-scale data processing and statistics.


Main developer on this, sadly failed-before-starting, Spain-based startup project with goals on bringing together all the little green and alternative vehicle renters under a common brand, including easy geographic categorization and correlation with potential clients. Working on PHP5 with Codeigniter, with full-featured HTML5/CSS3/Javascript client-side and persistence on top of MySQL.

Wordpress-based but heavily extended Spanish technology and news site focused on mobility. Including an integrated device and phone plan database with full cross-comparison capabilities.

Corporate and promotion sites

Design, development and maintenance of both corporate and marketing sites under the Hispatienda brand

Personal projects

Nasa 7

Windows Phone 7 & 8 application for all your NASA information needs. Hundreds of downloads and consistent high ratings. Written in managed C#/.NET for the Windows Phone OS.

Personal portfolio and integrated blog, working on top of the home-cooked Zzzen CMS and blogging engine. A personal hub for constant technology testing and improvement.


The engine powering the blog on this site. Offline-rendered paradigm with detached Node.js back-end solution on top of MongoDB, with client-side Javascript application securely matched through native HTTP authentication. Offline editing, front-end embedding and open API for development of additional clients. No angle brackets on the wire, only curly brackets with front-end agnostic JSON output. Freely available on github.


Lightweight Google App Engine-based drop-in blogging solution for quick deployment. Featuring Markdown formatting, Atom feeds, syntax highlighting, streamlined administration interface, Mustache templating and hands-off Google Accounts authentication. Available on github.

The Unliker

Toy project written in node.js that helps on the task of unliking massive amounts of pages at a single time. For those of us who can't help but like every single funny page on Facebook. The source is available on Github.