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Here, I sell consultancies. Because it turns out there's someting you can't or won't do.

And I will.

And that interests you. So it's natural that you tell me so. By email, on twitter, whatever it is.

Then the dance begins

I read you. Maybe not straight away, I'm sort of busy. But I end up reading you. And I ask you when is the best time to talk.

We find a date. ¿Meets, Skype, phone, snail mail? Ok. Decided. See you Friday

Then Friday arrives. You tell me about your situation. Here's a quote: a few consulting hours and also looking at your App. Give me your OK, please. Is this included? Yes, it is. OK, sounds good to me. Here, 50% in advance. Got the cash. Let's do it. We start on Sunday

Then, finally, I get to work on your things.

But... I'm in a hurry!

The process I describe above, sadly, is necessary. You must make sure I can solve your issue. I have to make sure I'm interested in doing it. You must check if the price is right for you.

However, there's another way. You pay me now, choose a date an hour and we talk. No emails, no phone calls. Buy my total attention for 60 minutes for whatever you want.

Interested? The deal is easy. A minute, an Euro. In block of 60. That's 60€ an hour.

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60 minutes of consulting60.00€
VAT (21%)12.60€
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