Hi 👋
I'm Adrià López.
Tech consultant and MVP developer.

I turn ideas 💡 into digital businesses 💶

From the napkin sketch to the first viable product.

You have a project you want to try out? I build your MVP (minimum viable product).

Need help figuring out your new business idea? I help you work it through and clarify every detail.

Ideas are free. We all have ideas. While in the shower. When dreaming. When we walk the dog.

But what counts is the implementation. Doing it fast and reaching your customers.

That's what the game is about. We won't play programmers. We are not building the bar we'd like to go to. What we are doing is taking your idea and turning it into cash in your pocket. But that comes with a big hurdle: the technical implementation. That's what I do.

Hire me

I sell my time. And wasting it is not my business.

So, if you want my help, show me you mean business using your credit card.

You pay me, you chose the day and hour, and we talk. No email chains and back-and-forths. You are purchasing my complete attention during 60 minutes for whatever you want.

Interested? The deal is simple: one minute, three euros. In packs of 60.

So, 180€ for an hour of my time. Plus VAT.


60 minutes of consulting180.00€
VAT (21%)37.80€

¿A bit expensive? No worries. You'll find plenty of wonderful developers charging 10€ an hour in any of the usual freelancing platforms. Go for it.

However if you wanted me to help you build your idea into a digital business and not waste time in the process, that's my price.


If after reading all of that you are still here and want to know more, this is your section. I'll tell you in more detail what you can get from me.


I help you polish your idea. Work through your project. Understand the challenges you will face, tune in the business model and figure out the quickest path to market.

I need consulting

MVP development

With the help of my newtork of collaborators I'll build the minimum viable product you need to ship to market. Nothing more. Nothing less. You'll validate your idea with the minimum investment you need.

I want to develop an MVP

Transitional CTO

Once you have an MVP and have market validation I'll help you in the path to build your own technical team and grow to stability.

I need a technical lead

My latest posts

This is a personal site so of course I write, well, personal stuff. Not really personal, more like my personal view on professional things. You know what I mean.

In short, I have a blog. And here it is.

Mind you: it's mostly written in Spanish.