Let's get to know each other

This is a website so it's much easier for me to talk to you than the other way around. So I'll get to it.

My name is Adrià López and this is my personal site.

And what's that?

Well, it's a webpage where I can tell you things that I do on the interwebs.

And you do it because you love to do it, and want to it with the world?

Of course not. The Internet hasn't been about that in a long time.

The Internet is about making money.

So the goal here is that, if you find what I'm telling you interesting, you'll hire me as a person who knows stuff about technical things.

You use your precious time for better things and I get to feed my family, which is what we are here for. Otherwise I'd be lying on the couch with a beer in my hand and not typing this.

Now that we are all clear and, let me tell you what I can offer.

What do I do?

Each one of us is good at some things, and bad at others. I know people that can work non-stop during 10 hours every single day in the most boring tasks yu can imagine. Others can memorize massive amounts on information. There's also people than can till a couple of acres of land by hand in half an hour. I guess.

Truth is none of the above work for me. What I can do is:

  • Synthesize information and put it on paper clearly and cohesively.
  • Figure out technical solutions that match requirements and the reality of a project.
  • Execute said solutions myself and through managing others.

And why do I know how to do this? Because I've been doing it forever, working in this digital world as sysadmin, developer, webmaster (heh, remember that word?), doing marketing, leading technical teams and building a few businesses by now.

And at the end of the day the common traits of all the above responsibilities are the skills I told you about before.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well obviously, if you don't need to use my particular set of skills, you won't care at all.

But if you do, the you can buy my time and make money out of it.

And you will make money if you have an idea that you want to turn into a business or digital product.

You do? Then let's talk.

Contact me now

You need more clarification on what I can do?

My services are simple and here you'll find all the details:

  • Consulting - I help you polish your idea, validate it, look at your competition, determine the technical viability and keep your feet on the ground.
  • MVP development - I'll build your minimum viable product so you can go to market and start making money.
  • Transitional CTO - I help you in the path to growth and technical independence.