Ideas may be crystal clear. Or blurry.

Consulting. That word. So impersonal. What it is?

Not that hard, really.

You have an idea. A vision. Maybe a product, a business, a service. It makes sense. It's sellable. You know there's people out there that want to pay for it.

You see the dots that draw your idea.

But unlike the dots in a kid's drawing book, your dots are not numbered. You don't know how they connect to each other. Not even what color you have to paint them.

But there's people that do know. Because they've seen it before.

That's consulting. Helping you join the dots.

Keeping your feet on the ground, from idea to product.

Let's talk. A good while. You'll tell me your idea.

You you think you can build your product.

Where you think you'll get the money from.

And I'll help you answer your questions.. See where you migh have problems. Figure out the best way forward. Understand what technical resources you'll need.

That's it.

Let's talk