Keep from two mortal enemies:
not having enough time
and having too much time.

Programming is hard. Let's not beat around the bush. It's hard, and few people do it well.

That's why developers are expensive. They're very expensive, trust me. I've hired lots of them over the years.

And only a few, a tiny few of them were worth the money.

Because you must know how to handle them. And keep them from dragging you into the most common traps with new projects:

Either projects done too quick, becoming fragile, unstable and rigid.

Or projects done too calmly, becoming over-engineered monsters perpetually a month away from being released.

Taming the beast that is programming

The art of programming is the skill of the experienced coder of both abstracting and concretizing a business idea into a particular set of computing instructions that will bring life into it.

The art of leading developers is making sure the art doesn't turn into abstract art.

Because developers, specially the really good ones, enjoy their work. It's a joy for them. And they find themselves dragged away by beauty, architecture and purity.

And the business ends up bankrupt. Woops!

Just the right amount

My task is guiding you towards the right solution: the one that takes your product to market and verifies it. A solution that is:

  • Cheap but not too cheap
  • Simple but flexible
  • Specific but expandable

Want to know more? These are some of the ideas I like to follow.


Best code is no code. Can't crash, can't have bug, can't become obsolete. Therefore I always try to find ways of avoding having to build a bespoke solution for a given problem.

Yes, I'm a developer that'd rather not develop.

Open Source

Free software is a goldmine, wide open and available for anyone to use and improve.

And we do use it. Always building on the shoulders of giants.


Web is the present and still is the future. Is the tech that allows us to reach the most people. Allows us validating any idea with the greatest exposure.

So I'll always go with web as a platform for any MVP.

Interested? Want me to develop an prototype for your next million-dollar idea?

¿Te interesa? ¿Quieres que me encargue de desarrollar el prototipo de tu nueva idea millonaria?

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