A ship without a captain veers off course.
And a captain can't navigate by phone.

Ah! Technical leading. What a subtle headache.

I've seen companies burn thousands of euros developing projects that end up abandoned in some sad git repository.

I've seen companies build up huge teams of unsupervised junior developers that end up with an untagleable codebase of despair.

I've seen companies depend on external consultants who then get hired by the next hip tech startup, leaving them lost, confused and thoroughly doomed.

You don't want any of the above.

The right way is building a solid team from the ground up.

I can help you with that.

I can be your CTO. But only for a while.

My specialty is building your project. Bringing it from idea to implementation. Shiping.

But I'm not your IT guy.

If your company has a large techical side, you need a technical team. And, most important, a technical lead.

You cannot be dependant on me months after launch. Is not healthy for either your company or me.

Recruiting and team building.

I'll help you build the team you need. Be it an in-house team or a technical lead with the support of the right trusted freelancers.

Each company is different and we'd need to find the right balance so you don't find yourself without solutions to your technical problems nor get eaten by the fixed payroll costs.

Let's talk